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Cruise Summary Report of Sarmiento de Gamboa Cruise SUBVENT-2 (BSH Ref-No.: 20185398)

Sarmiento de Gamboa
Vigo, Spain
Vigo, Spain
SOMOZA LOSADA, LUIS - IGME, Geological Survey of Spain
IGME, Geological Survey of Spain
UCA, University of Cadiz. Faculty of Marine and Environmental Science
IEO, Spanish Oceanographic Institute
CSIC-UTM, Marine Technology Unit
Atlantic Ocean
109 (30.0, 40.0, -10.0, 0.0)
74 (20.0, 30.0, -20.0, -10.0)
-21.496 -6.1896 27.5325 42.2468
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The main scientific objectives of the SUBVENT-2 have been: 1)To survey and study the morphology and geophysical configuration of the mud volcanoes and magmatic volcanoes and identify active cold seeps and hot springs along the continental margins of the Gulf of Cádiz and Canary Islands. 2)To explore, sample and to photography active seabed fluid features. 3)To identify bio-mineralizations (nodules, crusts and chimneys) formed by the action of micro/macro chemosynthetic organisms and mineralization processes. 4) To recognize the role of global change and tectonics in the episodic event of eruption of gas-related mudand enriched-volatile magmatic submarine volcanoes. Technical tasks: The technical tasks carried out during the SUBVENT-2 cruise have been: 1)Multibeam mapping and CHIRP ultra-high resolution profiles on the selected targets. 2) High-resolution seismic profiles with air-gun array and 3-channel streamer. 3)Dives with the ROV LUSO using high-resolution video, methane and CO2 probes, micro-cores, aspiration tubes, rock sampling and niskin bottles. 4)Thermosalinograph (CTD) probes and Niskin bottle rosette sampling. 5) Sampling with 2-5 m gravity core.
Air temperature
Wind strength and direction
Atmospheric humidity
Air pressure
Raw temperature and/or salinity instrument output
Horizontal spatial co-ordinates
Solar Radiation
Sedimentary structure
Seismic reflection
Bathymetry and Elevation
Sound velocity and travel time in the water column
Acoustic backscatter in the water column
Seabed photography
Horizontal velocity of the water column (currents)
Vertical velocity of the water column (currents)
Temperature of the water column
Salinity of the water column
Dissolved oxygen parameters in the water column
Dissolved concentration parameters for other gases in the water column
meteorological packages
NAVSTAR Global Positioning System receivers
discrete water samplers
underwater cameras
unconsolidated sediment corers
airgun array
>2000 Hz top-bandwidth sub-bottom penetrator and mud profiler systems
single-beam echosounders
multi-beam echosounders
current profilers
lowered current profilers

Summary of Measurements and Samples