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Cruise Summary Report Inventory (CSR)

Details of Aranda Cruise 03/2020, COMBINE 2 (BSH Ref-No.: 20203137)

Helsinki, Finland
Helsinki, Finland
Dr. Henrik Nygård - Finnish Environment Institute, Marine Research Centre
Finnish Environment Institute
Baltic Sea
215 (50.0, 60.0, 10.0, 20.0)
214 (50.0, 60.0, 20.0, 30.0)
251 (60.0, 70.0, 10.0, 20.0)
250 (60.0, 70.0, 20.0, 30.0)
Gulf of Finland, Archipelago Sea, Gulf of Bothnia, Åland Sea, Northern Baltic Proper
COMBINE - Marine Monitoring in the COMBINE Programme of HELCOM / Helsinki Commission
The COMBINE 2 cruise contributed to the HELCOM Baltic Sea integrated physical, chemical and biological monitoring programme, focusing especially on long-term macrozoobenthos monitoring and near-bottom water oxygen levels in the open sea area. It also contributed to the long-term monitoring of zooplankton communities and microlitter monitoring. Water and sediment samples were taken for monitoring of radioactive substances (HELCOM MORS programme). In addition a wave buouy was installed in the Bothnian Bay and drifting floats were deployed in the Bothnian Sea and the Northern Baltic Proper. The monitoring activities were part of the Finnish marine management plan.
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Dr. Henrik Nygård -  Finnish Environment Institute, Marine Research Centre
Dr. Tero Purokoski -  Finnish Meteorological Institute

Summary of measurements and samples

PI Number Type Unit Type of measurement Description Reference date
A 15 B09 stations Zooplankton WP-2/100 micron
A 37 B18 stations Zoobenthos van Veen or Boxcorer
PI Number Type Unit Type of measurement Description Reference date
A 53 H21 stations Oxygen
A 53 H22 stations Phosphates
A 53 H23 stations Total - P
A 53 H24 stations Nitrates
A 53 H25 stations Nitrites
A 53 H26 stations Silicates
A 53 H28 stations PH
A 6 H31 stations Radioactivity HELCOM MORS sampling in water column and sediment
A 6 H33 stations Other dissolved gases H2S
A 53 H75 stations Total-N
A 53 H76 stations Ammonia
PI Number Type Unit Type of measurement Description Reference date
A 53 H09 stations Water bottle stations
A 57 H10 stations CTD-Stations

Moorings, Landers, Buoys

PI Type Type of measurement Position Description Reference date
B D06 Swallow floats (number) 61° 24' N  20° 11' E Argo float deployed
B D06 Swallow floats (number) 58° 53' N  20° 19' E Argo float deployed