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Cruise Summary Report Inventory (CSR)

Cruise Summary Report of Tethys II Cruise BOUSSOLE 2013 (BSH Ref-No.: 20146308)

Tethys II
Nice, France
Nice, France
GOLBOL MELEK - Villefranche Sea Institute
DIAMOND-RIQUIER EMILIE - Villefranche Sea Institute
ANTOINE DAVID - Villefranche Sea Institute
Laboratory of Oceanography of Villefranche (LOV) / IMEV
Ligurian Sea
5.9 7.9 42.8 43.7
Site BOUSSOLE en Mer Ligure
MOOSE - Mediterranean Ocean Observing System on Environment (MOOSE) / Developmental Biology Research Laboratory

These were monthly survey cruises on the mooring site with a dual objective of (1) verifying the buoy's good operability and the good condition of the mooring and (2) carrying out a series of additional measurements that are needed either to interpret the continuous measurements taken on the mooring or to acquire additional parameters for marine optics studies. The supplementary measurements include: CTD profiles, HPLC pigments, specific absorption of phytoplankton, particles and dissolved matter, dry weight, descending and ascending underwater radiance profiles, inherent optical property profiles, atmospheric measurements (aerosols), reflectance measurements above the surface and using a fluorimeter to grid the area. The BOUSSOLE site (43°22' N, 7°54' E) is close to the DYFAMED site. It is located in the zone declared to the Maritime authorities as an area where scientific studies are run and scientific instruments moored (indicated on sea charts). BOUSSOLE 2013 trips aboard RV TETHYS took place on 21, 22, 24 and 25/01, from 12 to 16/02, from 13 to 16/03, from 10 to 14/04, from 15 to 18/05, from 08 to 10/06, on 12, 13 and 15/07, on 23, 24 and 27/08, on 10, 12 and 13/09, from 19 to 22/10, on 14, 15, 16 and 18/11 and from 11 to 14/12, but they were combined with those of MOOSE (DYFAMED) (13450020) and MOOSE (ANTARES) (13450030). The related project is called Mediterranean Oceanic Observing System on Environment (MOOSE).

discrete water samplers
GOLBOL MELEK -  Villefranche Sea Institute

Summary of Measurements and Samples

PI Number Type Unit Type of measurement Description Reference date
A 26 B02 stations Phytoplankton pigs (eg chlorophyll, fluorescence) Pigments HPLC sur filtres (23*11 prof + 2*12 prof) 21.01.2013
A 11 B06 stations Dissolved organic matter (inc DOC) Matière organique dissoute colorée (4*11 prof + 7*12 prof) 21.01.2013
A 11 B07 stations Pelagic bacteria/micro-organisms Cytométrie en flux (11*11 prof) 21.01.2013
A 11 B08 stations Phytoplankton Cytométrie en flux (11*11 prof) 21.01.2013
A 2 B64 deployments Gear research Mise à l'eau flotteur profileur 21.01.2013
A 11 B71 stations Particulate organic matter (inc POC, PON) Analyses POC et PON au CHN (9*11 prof + 2*12 prof) 21.01.2013
PI Number Type Unit Type of measurement Description Reference date
A 23 P01 stations Suspended matter 21.01.2013
PI Number Type Unit Type of measurement Description Reference date
A 3 M02 stations Incident radiation Luminance du soleil sur 21.01.2013
PI Number Type Unit Type of measurement Description Reference date
A 26 H09 stations Water bottle stations Prélèvements Niskin 21.01.2013
A 85 H10 stations CTD stations 21.01.2013
A H11 Subsurface temperature and salinity measurements 21.01.2013
A 20 H16 stations Transparency (eg transmissometer) Disque de Secchi 21.01.2013
A 65 H17 stations Optics (eg underwater light levels) Profils de l'éclairement descendant et de l'éclairement ascendant 21.01.2013
A H71 Surface measurements underway (T,S) 21.01.2013